In the traditional cheese factory “TO SOULI” by Mr. LIAMIS, which has been operating since 1960, you will find feta cheese, kasseri, graviera, kefalograviera, mizithra.

The LAMIS OE family dairy began its operation in 1960 as a traditional cheese dairy. The production of cheese products takes place in a traditional way. The cheese products TO SOULI with the knowledge of the production of the cheese products and with the respect to the consumer for better quality creates daily production and standardization of cheese products, which always keeps the quality guaranteed by our name.

In our country, we appreciate authentic products. Because of this, we carry memories full of color, taste, and pleasures that remind us of our generation forever. That’s why the product we put on our table is from pure and traditional materials. Putting the tradition forward and above all the LAMIS OE cheese factory creates and promotes products made from pure and natural materials.